IEWatcher 1.21

Are you still suffering from bothering Ad popups, flashes or...

Are you still suffering from bothering Ad popups, flashes or Gif animations on the web pages? Are you expecting to download your favorite flash movies found in web pages for later use?

Are you seeking for a better way to help you protect your children or families from undesirable web pages? EWatcher; is just for special you and guarantee you a satisfying experience with Internet Explorer.

Enjoy the surprising functions IEWatcherprovides for you, enjoy your surfing completely! Intelligent popup ad killer + Flash and Gif ad killer + Flash movie log and download + IE browse log + Web site visit control.

Main features:Popup Ad killer Intelligently block popup Ad windows from Internet Explorer plus a detailed log of it. Save your internet bandwidth, the unverified popup will not be opened at all.

White list function allow you to specify some verified address you don`t want to block popup. You may add it from your VisitLog and BlockLog. Hotkey feature to temporarily pause popup block function.

And the Hotkey can be selected. You can set a notification when a popup window is blocked via displaying a message in the IE status bar and/or playing a wave sound.

Show/hide Flash and GifDefine a key to toggle the show/hide mode all the Flash and/or Gif in a web page easily and instantly. You may just set one key to get rid off all the ad animations.

Log and download Flash filesAutomatically log the Flash loaded in web pages. Preview the Flash in IEWatcher and save it to your directories freely.

IE browse logAutomatically record the history of the web page you visited with detailed date and time in it. The log is protected by your password and you can delete the selected log items freely.

Forbidden site controlBuild a site list to ban the visiting of some web sites. OthersAll the functions will start after you installed IEWatcher no mater if ;IEWatcher; is running or not.

Password protected for your log. Automatic online update. This function help you check the latest version online and update easily. Searching in the message log with some search condition.